The Ark Sports Recovery lounge is a great place to relax while using the Normatec recovery boots

Ark Recovery Lounge

Normatec Compression Therapy is cutting-edge recovery technology that employs dynamic compression to enhance circulation, reduce muscle soreness and accelerate recovery. Trusted by elite athletes, it's now available to everyone to help achieve your recovery goals.

Faster Recovery

Speeds up post-workout or post-competition recovery times.

Pain Relief

Alleviates muscle soreness and reduces discomfort.

Injury Prevention

Enhances flexibility and reduces the risk of injuries.

Performance Enhancement

Ensures you're always at your best for workouts and competitions.


Promotes relaxation and reduces stress.

How It Works:

Normatec uses specialised garments (legs, hips and arm attachments available) equipped with air chambers. These chambers sequentially inflate and deflate, creating a pulsing massage action that promotes fluid movement in the limbs. This enhances blood flow and lymphatic circulation, aiding in the removal of metabolic waste and reducing muscle tension and soreness.

Our facility features the latest Normatec technology, offering you the opportunity to experience the benefits of this advanced recovery method. With legs, hips and arm attachments available we have your whole body covered!

Book in now to try this recovery method usually reserved for elite athletes but now available to everyone.